How To Make Money From A Website In India

Tweet Buster: Apples irony, how bulls make money & Shankar Sharmas dig at Buffett MFs add Rs 1.24 lakh crore to asset base in 2018 on SIP flows, strong retail participation FPI outflow at Rs 83,000 crore in 2018 on crude price rise, rupee depreciation […]

How To Make A Rainbow Cheesecake

No-Bake Unicorn Rainbow Cheesecake Bars Get your rainbow food trend fix by making these cheesecake bars—they're almost too pretty to eat! Get the recipe at Inside Bru Crew Life . […]

How To Make Your Own Olympic Plates

DIY Bumper Plate Storage #2 – Storage Box. This second option doesn’t even require instructions. All you need to be able to do is make measurements and buy … […]

How To Read Hana To Yume

Posts about Hana to Yume written by Wija According to this blog I came across with while searching google for Skip Beat! drama CDs, there has been actually… 2 drama CD releases now (if you disregard the very first one before the anime came out, of course). […]

How To Make Your Computer Secure

1/11/2018 · How to protect your Windows 10 PC. Content provided by Microsoft. Turn Windows Security on or off. When you get a new device and start up Windows 10 for the first time, the antivirus protection that comes installed with the device is your default security app. However, Windows Security is pre-installed and ready for you to use at any time. If you want to use Windows Security, … […]

How To Put Bluch On To Make Your Face Pumpt

Use a blush brush to apply the blush to the apples of your cheek. Blush adds a cheeky glow to your skin and makes it look fresh and healthy. Refrain from mixing textures – if you are using a powder, stick to a powder blush and if you are going sans powder, stick to a cream blush. […]

How To Read Guitar Plucking Tabs

9/12/2009 · In this post, I will attempt to answer the question on how to pluck the guitar the proper way. First of all, I can't really say whether the way I pluck is the proper way to do so because I have never taken any guitar … […]

How To Make A Picture A Background On Google Docs

These steps show how youd create a picture watermark. On the Page Layout tab, click Watermark to open the gallery. Click Custom Watermark, at the bottom of the gallery. ADD A PICTURE WATERMARK. Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects. Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects. For a custom watermark, you can use either text or a picture […]

How To Make Stuffed Peppers Without Rice

If you want to use less meat in the stuffing, you can add in some cauliflower rice or Miracle Rice. Since I wanted to use up our ground venison, I kept the filling for the low carb stuffed peppers on […]

How To Make Espresso Without A Coffe Machine

As you may well have noted, it is indeed possible to make espresso coffee without necessarily possessing an espresso machine. The methods above are indeed simple, direct and to the point. […]

How To Make My Own Pickles

First, I'm very disappointed in the overwhelming chemical taste in store-bought pickles, and more importantly, I think making my own will be fun. […]

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers Video Dailymotion

Tissue Flowers Crepe Paper Flowers Diy Flowers Pretty Flowers Fabric Flowers Crepe Paper Crafts 3d Paper Flower Video How To Make Paper Flowers. Paper Flowers Mandevilla \ Rocktrumpet (flower # 123) - YouTube. Strictly Stitches . paper flowers. Freesia Paper Flower. Paper Flower Templates, Paper Flower Art, Tissue Paper Flowers, Paper Flower Tutorial, Paper Roses, Felt Flowers, Fabric Flowers […]

4x4 How To Move 3 Connors

2 days ago · The enthusiastic crowd saw the increasingly familiar mix of the 31-year-old Scot moving awkwardly between points but looking better when actually forced to run. […]

How To Say My Nickname Is In Japanese

There is no default nickname for Luke or Lucas in Japanese. Feel free to invent something. If the name Luke means light giving, you can be Hikaru. Feel free to invent something. If the name Luke means light giving, you can be Hikaru. […]

How To Reply To Interview Offer Email

Or the additional facts provided by the interview may have opened your eyes to aspects of the job you hadnt considered pro or con. Stick to your career script? Not so long ago, a key consideration in choosing a job was the opportunity to stay in your career field to follow your personal goals. […]

How To Make A Police Station For School Project

The Northern Territory Police website contains information relating to careers in Policing, including Aboriginal Community Police Officers, Constables and Auxiliaries. There is also information on latest Police news, firearm information including associated forms, contact details and much more. […]

How To Make 50hz To 60hz

27/04/2013 · This is what mine looks like: That being said mine is using a custom EDID with only one mode in it. You could start X with -loverbose 6 and look in your xorg.log file to see what EDID modes your monitor is giving and make a modeline off that in order to force 50Hz. […]

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Nice For Free

An unexpected mix of patterns can create a homey look in any size bedroom. In this sweet space, a cohesive color palette pulls the patterns together, keeping the look subtle and seamless. In this sweet space, a cohesive color palette pulls the patterns together, keeping the look subtle and seamless. […]

How To Make Anchovy Pizza

Anchovies add an umami punch to all manner of savoury dishes - pizza, roast lamb and salad dressings for starters. Apr 04, 2016 12:00am We're big fans of anchovies. […]

How To Make Turmeric Rice

Yellow Rice Recipe With Turmeric Spice Easy Indian Turmeric Rice Recipe With Turmeric Powder. Yellow rice recipe with turmeric spice powder is a great way to add turmeric to your diet and everyday food. […]

How To Make A Train Whistle Sound With Your Mouth

Not all of us are experts in whistling, I am not talking about the odd whistling that we do while trying to remember a song or something, this whistle is like a train whistle: loud and ear numbing. […]

How To Make Paprika Pringles

Paprika Flavour Savoury Snack. Perfect flavour in every bite. Bring a little spice to snack time with these tantalising paprika crisps. With 200 grams of Pringles-goodness, there's plenty of snacking to go around. […]

How To Open Pokemon Booster Packs Online

12/02/2013 i don't know if it happens in pokemon but in yugioh people weigh boosters and sell them online. the heavier weight means it has a holo. So most likely they were weighed unless from a reputable source that you know didn't weight them. Its up to you but most likely they don't have anything good. Resell them . […]

How To Apply For Say Yes To The Dress

Need assistance with your application? Email us at Terms of Use - Applicant Privacy Policy Copyright 2018, All rights […]

How To Run 4 Monitors On One Laptop

7/04/2015 · I have an E64xx with the full dock with 3 external monitors but cannot get the laptop's screen in addition to this. I'm using a USB to video device for the small monitor which just has my Outlook on it. The other monitors are Dell 24" screens. […]

How To Say Sound Mind In Italian

'The doctor had to make certain that Peter was of sound mind, 'and that he understood the process of drinking the poison that would kill him.' Il medico ha dovuto accertarsi che Peter fosse sano di mente e che comprendesse il procedimento di bere il veleno che l'avrebbe ucciso. […]

How To Make Your Hair Stronger

If you’ve ever spent months—or years—growing out bangs or a pixie cut, then you know the struggle. On average, hair grows half an inch per month, or about six inches per year – but with curls, it can feel like a much slower process. […]

How To Make Eyebrow Microblading Bleeding Out Thick

With microbladed eyebrows, you can walk out of the house without any makeup on, and still feel made-up. Tanya said it all came down to self-confidence. Tanya said it all came down to self-confidence. […]

How To Make Vegestable Pasta

3/01/2019 · HELLO EVERY ONE COOK IT UP In this channel you will find all the cuisines recipe in detail. Make everything at home and cook like a pro. We believe that anyone can cook. […]

How To Play Eldritch Horror

12/08/2015 I've only had a couple of games so far against Azathoth, but I was curious about how people generally play the game solo. Again, I am new to the game so maybe this its just down to my own inexperience, but on the face of it, it seems like […]

How To Pay Superannuation If I Work Occasionally

Employer obligation to pay superannuation contributions on make-up pay If a worker’s employer has an obligation to pay superannuation and those contributions exceed the superannuation guarantee rate, the agent is not required to make superannuation contributions on behalf of the worker. […]

How To Make A Document Double Spaced In Word 2010

26/01/2010 · Best Answer: Sounds like you have some After spacing attached to that paragraph style. This was introduced on the default Normal style in Word 2007, but I thought I heard they had fixed it in Word 2010. Try this: 1. Right-click on a paragraph in an empty document and … […]

How To Make Upgraded Fishing Rod Unturned

Gorgeous, smart, sexy, mysterious she is held up as the ultimate yummy mummy. Plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder looks, gloss and wrap-over effects and lace-up details upgrade … […]

How To Make A Scarifier

The scarifier makes holes in the lawn so that air, water and fertiliser can penetrate. […]

How To Make Muscle Milk Taste Better

Place chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water. Stir for 2-3 mins until melted. Remove from heat. Lightly fold egg-whites into chocolate mixture until well combined. Spoon into 4-6 individual or one large serving dish. Cover … […]

How To Make A Sparge Arm

This how-to video is a dorky but functional guide to easy all grain homemade beer brewing. Extract brewers, you can do it too! The Denny Conn method of batch sparging is … […]

Unreal Engine 4 How To Make A Game Updater

Develop in the Unreal Ecosystem Beyond the tools and source, Unreal Engine 4 provides an entire ecosystem. Chat in the forums, add to the wiki, participate in the AnswerHub Q&A, and join collaborative development projects via GitHub. […]

How To Move Aws Instance Between Regions

The AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) aids in migrating databases from several different data platforms to Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Redshift instances. It can be setup to copy your database in a single full load or load and continue to replicate changes, keeping the target database up-to … […]

How To Arrange Bibliography In Alphabetical Order In Word Mac

How To Arrange Bibliography In Alphabetical Order Word 2007 September 9, 2018 Michael Alphabet How to create multilevel styles in microsoft word 2007 the sort tool in paragraph group word displays text dialog box see figure 1 image led alphabetize in microsoft word 1 sort option in mincrosoft word image led sort microsoft excel columns alphabetically 1 […]

How To Pass Driving Test Ireland

Also, driving extra carefully because "it's a driving test" is a common enough way to accumulate 'Lack of progress' marks, and many people have failed their test that way. OP, I would advise to possibly change instructor, and just keep practicing. […]

How To Open A Spinbrush

I find that it is best to start using your electric toothbrush without toothpaste, wetting the bristles just like we did with manual toothbrushes. Without the distraction of the sudsy toothpaste you can really focus on where the toothbrush bristles are touching. […]

How To Make A Tinker Tank

Air from the compressor tank flows down the line and enters the cap of the filter. The flow of air is directed down into the bowl by the cap design. […]

How To Live With Your Boyfriend And Make It Work

To me, it seems that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make this work, and that you reached your breaking point to bring you back to your own reality. Take it one day at a time, and always communicate with your wife how you are feeling. I know that with my depressed partner, he withdrawals, which leaves me wondering what to do and also leaves me feeling deserted. So if you feel like […]

How To Make Chestplate Armor In Minecraft

Angelic Armor is the Armor Set obtained from the crafting of Bluefire Stones and Ice Stones. In terms of defense, it is an average set of armor, having a total damage reduction of only 50% and infinite durability. […]

How To Make Pillow Fort

Little kids love to find little spaces where they can get some quiet time. Maybe it is just something about being so small in such a big world…it is nice to have a small space they are completely in control of. […]

How To Make Microphone Not Pick Up Sound Through Headset

The only sound your microphone should pick up is your voice. It should then send your voice to your amplifier which, in turn, amplifies the sound and puts it out through your speakers. It should then send your voice to your amplifier which, in turn, amplifies the sound and puts it out through your speakers. […]

How To Make Sweet N Sour Sauce For Meatballs

The great part about this sweet and sour meatball recipe (besides how tasty it is!) is that it doesnt take a whole lot more time to double or triple the meatballs that you make, and then you can freeze the extras for a super fast meal another night. Or you can cook everything up earlier in the day (or the day before) and then throw everything in the slow cooker a few hours before you want […]

How To Make Google Calendar Show My Tasks

12/05/2009 · This is a great addition to the google calendar and it works well, but there is no way as of yet to sync deadline tasks with my iphone calendar as the google calendar does. If I add a task to my calendar, it does not show on my phone as other calendar entries do. until this is possible tasks is still just one more thing to check. i applaud google's work thus far, however, in allowing their […]

How To Put On Individual Eyelashes Yourself

If you apply these yourself, Individual lashes, cluster lashes and strip lashes last for up to two weeks, and possibly more in some cases but mostly they may only last for a few days. If you use a strong adhesive, you might be able to make them last even longer. However, suppose you had these professionally applied. If this were the case, they would probably last up to four weeks. If you are […]

What Is Swf File How To Open It

A file with the GIF file extension is a Graphical Interchange Format file. Though GIF files don't contain audio data, they're often seen online as a way to share video clips. Websites often use GIF files too, to display animated objects like buttons or header images. Since GIF files are saved in a […]

How To Play Right Back In Soccer

Track winger movements – recognize when he will create space for the full-back to run into / use your own initiative and create space. Communicate with wingers (7&11) and other players “go away” “play… […]

How To Make A Circle Dress Umbrella Dress

The Circle Dress {Pattern & Tutorial) As I mentioned in THIS POST my brother got married this past weekend. We had ordered THIS dress (which I LOVE) from Carters for Reese to wear to the wedding, but I figured we should be smart and have a back up dress just incase there was an accident. […]

How To Make Short Thin Hair Look Thicker

Yes, keep it short but not TOO short. If you don't have a lot of hair to go around, by cutting your hair ultra short, you will find that there is not enough length to cover your head and your scalp will show throw as a result which is of course not what anyone strives for. […]

How To Make Turmeric Paste For Golden Milk

The paste is made with the main ingredients of golden milk: turmeric, ground pepper, coconut oil, and cinnamon. Now just add it to heated milk, honey to your taste, and drink away. It is simple, incredibly tasty, and makes putting together golden milk a breeze. […]

How To Make Jewellery At Home With Waste Material

Home Interior designing is the foremost fundamental thing to do, in order to make your home heart-warming and well-adjusted to your own anticipation. In this wise, shopping with e-stores is the perfect way of action to give the out-of-sight décor. […]

How To Make Bacon Bits In The Microwave

After rendering my bacon grease four times, I noticed there were still a few “bacon bits” in the grease. To get rid of them, I heated the grease in the microwave and strained it through a tea bag. This filtered all those little bits. Be careful when microwaving the grease. I found out the hard way that 90 seconds in the microwave was way too long, and ended up wiping down the inside of the […]

How To Make A Fairy House Easy

And easy to make too. Just follow the easy steps to make your own. Just follow the easy steps to make your own. They are the perfect additions to your fairy garden. […]

How To Make Warm Butterbeer

14/12/2014 I beat together 2 tablespoons of hot butterscotch topping and 1 cup of whipping cream until soft peaks form. Then, I spoon is on top of each drink and stir just a […]

How To Say I Have To Go Now In French

The French phrase for "How are you?" is an important one to learn for conversing with French speakers. While different versions of the phrase will be best suited for different situations, learning these phrases is easy enough. Once you have mastered the phrases, practice them to learn when to use […]

How To Make Small Tissue Paper Roses

To make tissue paper flower, all that you need is tissue paper of your color. Have two shades of color for contrast to make it more attractive. Cut the tissue paper into half. Take eight sh Have two shades of color for contrast to make it more attractive. […]

How To Make Ankara Hoop Earrings

Silver hoop earrings, patina earrings, gem hoop earrings, large hoop earrings, dalmatian stone earrings, gift for her, bohemian hoop earring Silver Hoops, Silver Hoop Earrings, Stone Earrings, Dalmatian, Designer Earrings, Gifts For Her, Gem, Jewels, Gemstone […]

How To Make Your Eportfolio Url Unlocked

To move files from another location to your ePortfolio, click on My Items and press the blue “Add” button. 6. This will open up a dropdown menu which will allow you to: make a reflection, add an internet link, upload a file, create web document, make an audio recording, do … […]

How To Clean Make Up Off Beats Headphones

Problem: my least touch caused disconnection, losing sound to the headphones. I tried the previous electrical tape fix, assuming that the phone's casing / jack hole was loose, by inserting a very small tube-rolled-up piece of tape (about 1/8" wide by 1/4" long) rolled up like a scroll. […]

How To Make Mycorrhizal Fungi Pdf

How to make mycorrhizal fungi keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website […]

How To Convince A Customer To Open A Bank Account

For example, as banks encourage customers to manage their accounts online, they must also be available to answer questions and provide technical support within the same forum. Live chat is as important to the online customer experience as the teller is in a branch. […]

How To Pack Hats For Moving

Packing a suitcase may represent the burdens, or baggage (old hurts and memories), you are carrying around with you. Unpacking a suitcase may suggest you are ready to release or let go of these burdens or extra baggage. […]

How To Make A Crawfish Trap Out Of Chicken Wire

21/10/2008 · Making a trap to catch crawfish is relatively simple. Mine is made from wire mesh of a small gauge that I dumpstered from a construction site. Look around your town and see if anyone's building a stucco structure. Odds are they'll be throwing out wire mesh used as backing for the stucco they apply. This is really ideal material for making a trap. […]

How To Make Pineapple Stew

Add the pineapple, raisins, and chiles. Reduce the heat to medium and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the raisins are plump and the pineapple is lightly browned, 5 to 8 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the raisins are plump and the pineapple is lightly browned, 5 to 8 minutes. […]

How To Make Chocolate Mousse With Cream

To make such a moreish and light mousse texture, this recipe separates the egg whites and yolks, whisking the egg whites into soft peaks and folding into the mixture. Be careful not to stir in the […]

How To Make Your Toenails Look Nice

Add a few tablespoons of bath salts or Epsom salts to a basin of warm water and soak your feet for 5-15 minutes. This will cleanse and soften skin and nails, making toenail trimming and … […]

How To Make A Payslip In Word

That means payslips produced in as a word document or in a spreadsheet are not acceptable either. Youll be surprised how often we come across payslips that are poorly typed with spelling errors, different font or show non-existent dates like 31 April! […]

How To Pass Any Exam Brian Duncalf

As a result, we are retiring this exam on December 31, 2017, and it will be replaced with a new exam (proposed exam number 535) that covers the new (but related) objective domain. This new exam will be available on November 30, 2017. You will no longer be able to register for exam 534 after that date. […]

How To Order Takeaway For Someone Overseas

There was so much food the order had to be delivered by 29 riders. The company has no idea whether the order was for someone having a massive dinner party or someone who was really drunk. […]

How To Make It In The Rap Game

Nicki Minaj : "Mixtapes were saying I can rap and the album [was] saying I can make a song - that's a big difference in the real world." "I'm inspired by the beat. When a beat comes on, I am […]

How To Open The Iphone Without Sim Card

21/08/2018 · For example, you may want to use an older version of the iPhone, like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, for testing your company's website, or you may have upgraded to the iPhone … […]

How To Make A Lively

bustling with activity; astir: The marketplace was lively with vendors. strong, keen, or distinct; vivid: a lively recollection. striking, telling, or effective, as […]

How To Make Own Gaming Website

A gaming website is a general name of the category for several types of niche resources, namely websites of gaming clans and guilds, fan communities, gaming servers, websites of developers and game reviewers. It is possible to single out narrow niches devoted to game characters, cyber sports teams or separate gamers, attribute stores (sport shirts, costumes, statuettes, versatile sets etc.). […]

How To Play Happy Wheels Full Unblocked

Happy wheels unblocked may become the most played game in the world, because demand is growing the fastest , in my point of view , following 2 year will be time of unblocked games . […]

How To Make Your Newborn Burp

An important part of feeding a baby is burping. Burping helps to get rid of some of the air that babies tend to swallow during feeding. Not being burped often and swallowing too much air can make a baby spit up, or seem cranky or gassy. […]

How To Deactivate Vodafone Postpaid Internet Plan

DeActivate Vodafone Prepaid Miss Call Alert with SMS: Type CAN MCI and send SMS to 144 DeActivate Vodafone Postpaid Miss Call Alert with SMS: Type CAN MCI and send SMS to 199 Steps to Activate/Deactivate Vodafone Reverse Miss Call Alert Service […]

How To Make The Number 8

12/10/2013 · i had a number cake to make a couple months ago (the 18 in my pics) at first i was really intimidated, having never attempted one before! i also did not want to purchase a number pan, so i baked t-12*8 cakes, one for each number and torted them both. then i just free hand cut out the numbers. […]

How To Make Chickeb Juicy Fried

wow, you made this look so easy. i loved the pics and the sense of humor as well. never thought about putting the thermometer in that way but it makes sense. this is not quite what i was looking for when i looked up this recipe. actually, what i was looking for was CRISPY, juicy fried chicken. i am going to go back and look up crispy and hope that you have posted one for that as well […]

How To Play Cajun Piano Accordion

This book represents breakthrough arranging for Cajun accordion styles and can be performed on both piano and diatonic button accordions. The grade level is intermediate and follows the original 15 Louisiana Cajun Classics recording from Arhoolie accurately with added variations and fiddle solos. If you want to learn Cajun stylings or start your own Cajun band, this is the book you need […]

How To Make A Cargo Net

Cargo nets are an excellent way to secure a variety of cargo in place. We both offer heavy duty cargo nets used in interior van trailers and light duty bungee cargo nets used in … […]

How To Make Methane Gas At Home

Methane gas virtually on the computer with this app. This is a chemistry practical primary school student. In this virtual chem lab app all required chemicals and other gadgets are given on the screen, user can carry out the complete practical of producing Methane gas and testing its property. […]

How To Make Japanese Obi Belt

This is how you tie your belt for an aikido training. It is demonstrated by an aikido club member from Wimbledon, London, UK. […]

How To Level Up Digimon Next Order

23/07/2013 · If you somehow managed to mess up and have 2 digimon level 65 without a third digimon, you can get eggs from Mc level 2/3 or you have to go to infinite ice wall and get eggs from digimon there (check the Farming guide for details) […]

How To Make Your Soup Thicker

Return ham to soup along with potatoes. Cook for 1/2 hour more or until potatoes are tender. Take a potato masher and mash the potatoes and some of the beans, this makes a wonderfully thick soup. […]

How To Make Handmade Cloth Bags

3) Find the part that will be the top of the bag. 4) Then fold a seam over where youve identified the top. Pin. 5) Sew a simple hem. 6) Fold the bag in half so that the right side (pretty side) of the fabric is facing itself, and sew so that only the top of the bag isnt sewn together. […]

Paintshop Pro 7 How To Make Tubes

The PaintShop Pro Tube Depot (PSP Tube Depot) was formed to bring together graphic artists who wished to share their Art, Images, Graphics and other resources for use, free of charge, to whomever wished to use them. […]

How To Make Excel Round Numbers

In the Round without Formula dialog box, insert the number decimal you want to round based on intot he Decimal place, then select Rounding, Rounding up, Rounding down which you want to use, and then click Ok button, all numbers have been rounded as you need, see screenshot: […]

How To Make Barbecue Pulled Pork

1/06/2014 · It was very easy to make and delicious with the homemade BBQ chipotle sauce and the tangy cabbage slaw recommended with this recipe. Next time I will try … […]

How To Move Ost File In Outlook 365

However, there is no direct manual method to move OST file into Office 365. But, the user can import OST file into Microsoft Office 365 with the help of an indirect method. For this, the user has to convert OST files into PST file format and then import PST files into Office 365. Additionally, the user can also for an automated method to upload OST to Office 365 account. […]

How To Make The Best Mash Potate

Joel Robuchon, a master chef who shook up the stuffy world of French haute cuisine by wowing palates with the delights of the simple mashed potato and giving diners a peek at the kitchen, has died […]

How To Make A Working Model Of Lightning Conductor

-- The large blunt conductor is the working model of a charged thundercloud. -- The pointed pencil-lead is the working model of a lightning rod. -- The long spark is a working model of a lightning […]

How To Put White Border Around Photo

14/07/2008 · I also have photoshop elements and have been having the same problem there. Photoshop Elements does not put any kind of border around your images unless you put it there. […]

How To Make Fish Fry In Microwave Oven In Telugu

Flip over the fried fish and let them cook and brown on the other side. Cook for 8-10 minutes. Cook for 8-10 minutes. Turn off heat and serve hot as a side dish with steamed white rice and curry or rasam. […]

How To Put Accents On Letters

I heard that you can hold alt and type out some cryptic numeric code to get characters like accented letters. Is there a way to do this more like the mac way ? windows keyboard […]

How To Make Your Toilet Flush

9/02/2010 My mum has a toilet that most of the times sounds really noisy when flushing. Whats the best way to get a quiet flush? Any help I'd be really grateful. ty […]

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